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Happy Healthy Team

I have been working in web development for 13 years. I worked as a single developer, as a team member, team leader, and as a manager who is responsible for the success of the project. Quite often, Frontend work is the final step before the releases.

How not to go crazy when you have just 2 weeks before the release, and the design is not yet fully ready? What to do if you have a new technology stack and the team has not already handled it? What if the important developers leave the team before the release? Let’s talk about how to build processes in a team to have a self-managing team with a healthy environment. At some point, each of us realizes that our job is not only moving Jira tickets. :)
  • Difficulty Any level
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Vasilika Klimova
Developer Relations Engineer at Kadena
I have been a Web Developer for over 13 years (Frontend mostly, but also Fullstack). I had experience working as a single web developer, as a member of big teams in FinTech, and as a Team Lead of a small team. I enjoyed working on web 3D projects, awesome animations, visualizations, and good infographics. I am a speaker & organizer of tech meetups and conferences. I helped many students at different schools with learning web development.

I like tech communities and modern technologies. Last 6 years, I have been living in Luxembourg and holding a Luxembourg JavaScript meetup.

This year I started to work as a Developer Relations Engineer at Kadena. My passion is video/board games, traveling, diving, animals (I have a red cat), and cinema. I collect children's books from different countries and Christmas tree decorations.
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But closed. Sold out already. See you next year.

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