Senior managers are senior liars

Usually, the biggest lies become visible to us when we are about 10 years old. Santa is simply your father with a beard, there is no tooth fairy, and eating carrots will not improve your vision.

However, there is another lie that becomes visible only when you grow as a manager. It suggests senior managers are way smarter, more focused, more productive, and overall better than others.

Once upon a time, I believed that my CEO was superhuman. But as I gradually climbed up the career ladder, I realized that, in fact, they are just as human as we are; they are simply trained to do things that are not always obvious.

What skills do you need to master to become more senior? What steps should you take to grow? And who is Santa, actually?

Key Takeaways:
  • What skills do you need to master to become more senior?
  • Why do we struggle with manager's path?
  • How to consciously set up a personal plan and follow it.
  • What types of management there are.

  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Evgeny Kot
VP of Engineering at Rarible
Evgeny is a computer engineer and a skilled manager with 17+ years of experience, including 10 years in management. He is currently the VP of Engineering in Rarible and a Google Developer Expert in Dart, Flutter, and Web. Evgeny is also a renowned public speaker and a trained therapist with a second degree in psychology.
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