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Improve your Teams Productivity Using Nx

As a senior/lead developer in any team, you should ensure your team is more productive. Now, there are many challenges in ensuring teams are unblocked and able to ship features quickly.

  • Build/test only affected code.
  • Avoid Circular Dependency.
  • Run tasks like build/test faster.
  • Make sure your CI/CD is faster.
  • And Many more.

Join me in this talk to understand how you can make your team 10x productive using Nx.

We will also explore Nx Cloud to speed up our CI pipeline and extend this tool to other technologies like Go and Rust.

We will compare Nx with similar build tools.

Key Takeaways:
  • Improve build/test time on local and CI.
  • Distributed Caching.
  • Distributed Task Execution.
  • Nx Plugin development.
  • Difficulty Any level
  • Speech type Lightning talk 20min

Santosh Yadav
GDE Angular, GitHub Star
Santosh is a Senior Software Engineer at Celonis, a GDE for Angular, GitHub Star, Nx Champion and an Auth0 Ambassador. He loves contributing to Angular and its ecosystem. He is a co-founder of This is Learning. He is also the author of the Ngx-Builders package and part of the NestJsAddOns core Team. He is also running This is Tech Talks talk show, where he invites industry experts to discuss different technologies.
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Speakers / Agenda

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