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The Highway to Becoming the Best Developer

As a developer, you have so many things to learn, to try, and to utilize. But what will make you one of the best? I have traveled this road myself, searching for the answer, and I would like to share with you what I learned along the way. I will tell you what helped me create a huge impact and what steps you can take to achieve the same results.

Key Takeaways:
  • Definition of the best developer.
  • Skills that make you the best.
  • How to start your journey, step by step.
  • Insights from my personal stories throughout my career.
  • A boost of inspiration.
  • Difficulty Any level
  • Speech type Lightning talk 20min

Aleksandr Lavrinenko
Engineering Manager at ManyChat
I am an engineer who is passionate about creating an impact through tech products. Currently responsible for the LiveChat part of the product as an engineering manager at ManyChat's Barcelona office. I have been in the IT field for about 8 years, starting with my own startup projects in university, where I worked on mobile, backend, and frontend technologies, including smart home integrations. I have literally tried every technology I could get my hands on. Previously, I worked on enormous banking machinery, where I hired about 30 mobile developers and build several big features. At ManyChat, I created the mobile department from scratch, recruited the current team, and together we have built an awesome product over these years.
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Speakers / Agenda

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