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P3.express: A Minimalist, libre project management system

This presentation helps familiarize you with P3.express. P3.express is a minimalist, libre (Creative Commons) project management system usable in IT and non-IT projects. Its first version was published 7 years ago. Since then, a relatively large community has formed around it, contributing to its further development and using it in a wide range of projects. It's a new generation of systems that goes beyond method wars and focuses on getting things done. A philosopher may call it a post-modern project management system!

P3.express is designed for small, medium, and large projects, not micro- or mega-projects. We'll also take a quick look at micro.P3.express, a flavor of P3.express customized for micro-projects with approximately 1 to 7 team members.

Besides P3.express, which is for managing projects, P4.express and P5.express are also under development for program and portfolio management. There's also an exciting project for defining an open-source planning protocol usable in projects, programs, and portfolios, and we're looking for more contributors. Each element in this family is designed to be modular and usable in any combination — a non-software form of the UNIX Philosophy.
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Nader K. Rad
Project Management Author, Speaker, and Adviser
Management Plaza
I started working with projects about 25 years ago: first, as a project planner in construction projects, and then I moved to large process-plant projects. In parallel, I was also involved in IT projects and startups.

I gradually moved from project planning into the wider project management domain by helping project managers and companies improve their project, program, and portfolio management systems.

Nowadays, I'm spending most of my time developing eLearning courses in our small company, Management Plaza, writing books (about 50 of them so far), and contributing to standards:

- P3.express: Core development team
- NUPP: Core development team
- PMBOK® Guide 7th edition: core development team
- PRINCE2® 6th edition: reviewer
- PRINCE2 Agile® 1st edition: reviewer

Besides, I also spend a little time programming as a hobyist; e.g., my open-source CLI mind mapping software, h-m-m.
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