Core Web Vitals: Put your application into orbit with best practices

It's never easy to improve the user experience of a Web application. Yet it's important to do so: an application with a poor user experience is an application that won't be used and can ultimately cost a company dearly.

In 2020, Google announced the integration of three new metrics into its performance auditing tools. These are known as Core Web Vitals and are as follows:
- LCP: Largest ContentFul Paint
- CLS: Cumule layout shift
- FID: First Input Delay

At Google I/0 2023, Google announced the new INP metric (interactive to next paint), which will replace the FID metric in 2024.
But why deprecate the FID metric? What is the FID metric, and how can it be optimized? What are the best practices to follow in order to score well on previous metrics?

In this talk, I'll answer all these questions with recommendations and examples you can use daily as a developer.

Key Takeaways:
  • Core Web vitals.
  • Interactive to Next paint.
  • Breaking up long tasks.
  • User interaction responsiveness.
  • Best practice to use daily to optimize the user experience of a web application.
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Nicolas Frizzarin
Developer Advocate & Senior Staff Engineer at Sfeir Luxembourg
Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular also an OpenJs Foundation Member, Nicolas is a FontEnd specialist and user Interface Designer from Metz, France. He works as a Developer Advocate and Senior Staff Engineer at Sfeir Luxembourg. His daily mission is to help the teams to make robust, powerful and beautiful web applications Besides that, Nicolas is a speaker, and likes to contribute to the community by giving talks, trainings, writing articles or participating in open source projects.
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