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From Zero to Production: A Lightning Talk about our WebAssembly journey

There are many overviews about the WebAssembly technology or its internals. In this presentation, Andrey will focus on the practical side. He will share his experience of porting the real-world C++ networking application to the browser with WebAssembly and Embind.

Many obstacles were hiding in this way. Andrey will explain how to deal with some of them. This lightning talk is the beginning of the story about this exciting journey to WebAssembly.

  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Speech type Lightning talk 20min

Andrey Nagikh
Technical Leader in WebPros
Andrey is a web developer with over 2 decades of experience. Originally from cold Siberia, he now lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. He works as a Technical Leader in WebPros, a company behind the cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, and other projects. In his spare time, Andrey likes to walk, learn new things, and spend time with his family.
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