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The Ideal Working Environment for a Product Development Team: Why It's Impossible and How to Get Closer to It

  1. What is the ideal working environment for a product development team?
  2. Is it possible to work without daily stand-ups, daily meetings, and managers?
  3. What non-programming skills do developers usually lack?
  4. How to achieve the ideal working environment: a step-by-step plan.
Presentation format: Stand-up comedy. We will have fun discussing how two technical directors with a product background get into an outsourcing business.
  • Difficulty Any level
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Samat Galimov
CTO, Fedor & Samat
Samat Galimov is a former CTO for Meduza.io, Bookmate.com and various startups. Now he runs a small boutique software consulting / software development shop 'Fedor & Samat'. Samat is also a popular podcaster/blogger on technology and software.
Participation is necessary
But closed. Sold out already. See you next year.

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