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You need test analysis more than you think

In this talk, we'll refer to the problem that most QA engineers face regularly: building a solid test basis for the features with minimal requirements. An adequately set test analysis process can efficiently reveal the missing requirements, make tests find relevant bugs, and optimize testing costs.

Through the talk, I will demonstrate how test analysis can:
  1. Boost software quality: recurring defects often go unnoticed during regular testing. Test analysis techniques help spot and address these patterns at their source, preventing similar defects from reoccurring in future releases.
  2. Optimize test coverage and QA team efforts. By analyzing test results and understanding the areas of high risk and low coverage, teams can strategically prioritize testing efforts, ensuring maximum coverage with minimal resources.
  3. Enhance test design: test analysis encourages a proactive approach to testing. Attendees will learn to create well-informed test designs based on insights from analyzing requirements, user behavior, and potential system vulnerabilities.
  4. Improve communication: practical test analysis fosters improved communication between developers, testers, and stakeholders, leading to better collaboration, shorter feedback loops, and faster issue resolution.
Throughout the talk, I will provide practical tips and best practices for seamlessly incorporating test analysis into existing testing processes. Attendees will leave with a newfound appreciation for test analysis and a concrete action plan to integrate it into their development workflows.

In conclusion, my talk will inspire software professionals to look beyond conventional testing methods and embrace test analysis as an essential discipline. By leveraging the insights gained from test analysis, developers and QA teams can foster a culture of quality, leading to more resilient, efficient, and successful software products.
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Anastasiia Zarechneva
QA engineer at JetBrains
Focused on constant growth, improvement of my skills, and self-development, I work with test automation, manual testing, and quality management. I believe that nothing is more important than the mindset of a QA engineer — a mindset aimed at providing quality in all spheres and making quality the only possible way of product development.

As a passionate quality assurance engineer interested in optimizing software testing processes, I am excited to share my insights. With a background steeped in identifying and addressing software defects, I have honed my skills in building robust test strategies that uncover hidden vulnerabilities and elevate software quality.
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