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Continuous Performance Testing Mastery with K6 and Testkube

I'd like to share my experience in implementing load tests using the K6 and Testkube tools with you. This presentation is based on real-life experience and I will demonstrate step-by-step how to develop simple and easily maintainable load tests and seamlessly integrate them into modern infrastructure without exceeding your budget or spending a lot of time. Additionally, I will demonstrate how to visualize effectively the results of test runs using Grafana graphs. By using real examples, you will be able to quickly apply the presented materials to your project.

Key Takeaways:
  • Easily Create and Maintain Performance Tests with K6 in Pure JS.
  • Conduct Local Testing in Kubernetes with Testkube.
  • Learn How to Configure Grafana Dashboards.
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Alexander Chumakin
Senior Automation QA Engineer at JetBrains
I moved from Belarus to the Netherlands about 5 years ago, and after a long journey I was able to get a job at an excellent and fairly renowned company JetBrains. I spent most of my career working with backend tests, a significant part of which was performance tests. I believe it is essential to share my great findings in this area with a wider audience. For more than seven years, I have been an active speaker at international conferences, and I enjoy sharing my experiences while continually learning something new.
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