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There is always a way to fix Accessibility

This is the story of how one accessibility auditor came to a website and found some errors, and then came to a web application and found the same errors... and decided to tell everyone!

Accessibility is a new area for developers, where there is not yet much experience to rely on. In accessibility, it is always difficult to put yourself in the place of each user and understand what will be convenient for them and how to implement it right.

In the talk, I will show the most common developers' mistakes that I find on any platform during an accessibility audit.

Key Takeaway:
What to look for in your application to fix the most frequent and dangerous accessibility issues.
  • Difficulty Any level
  • Speech type Standard 40min

Glafira Zhur
SpurIT, Accessibility Team Lead
Accessibility Team Lead at SpurIT. GDE for Web.

In the early years, Glafira was inspired by an idea to change CSS and HTML for an online text RPG and she never stopped because that was the way! Now, she is a member of the MinskCSS/MinskJS program committee and one of the creators of the Minsk branch of the famous Accessibility Club.

You can meet Glafira as a very cheerful Web Accessibility mentor at the https://accessibilityunity.com/ courses :)

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