EpicHey! Team

  • Evgenii Vasilkov
    EpicHey! Organizer
    Twenty years of experience in product management, team management, and other digital experiences. Ex-founder and organizer of CodeFest—one of the biggest IT conferences in the heart of Siberia.
  • Innokentii Bodrov
    Head of Program committee
    Working with IT business system analysis for more than 15 years, now moved to product management in FinTech. Course author and trainer for experienced system analysts at otus.ru. Lives in Lisbon with his wife, son and two cats.
  • Vasilika Klimova
    Program committee
    Track: Frontend, Backend
    Vasilika works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Kadena. She had previously led one of the largest Russian-speaking JavaScript communities. Currently, she holds the position of organizer for LuxembourgJS.
  • Dmitrii Sugrobov
    Program committee
    Track: Backend, DevOps
    Engineering Manager at large retail company, Board Member of InnerSourceCommons Foundation, yacht skipper and serial speaker.
  • Anna Khvorostinina
    Program committee
    Track: QA
    Anna works as a tester and supports others in entering the IT industry as a curator of Manual QA at IT SWITCHER. She strongly believes that communication at conferences contributes to professional growth and unites people together.
  • Andrei Bezrukov
    Program committee
    Track: Management
    Andrei is an AdTech and MarTech evangelist with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, product development, and company management, who runs products to help businesses grow and reach their clients.
  • Alexander Marshalov
    Program committee
    Track: Backend, DevOps
    Alexander is a passionate fullstack software engineer, maintaining open source software, loving communication, good music and beautiful algorithms and solutions.
  • Alexa Rudakovskaya
    Program committee
    Track: Product
    Product owner for OneAPI and Event tool at Apsis Sweden. Started as a product marketing manager 18 years ago and transitioned to product management. Driven by user needs and data-driven decision-making to improve product processes.
  • Dmitrii Ilenkov
    Program committee
    Track: Project
    A project management practitioner (PMP, Ph.D), contributing to standards (The Standard for EVM, The Standard for Project Estimating, PMBOK7, NUPP and P3.express) and developing e-learning courses in my company (p3.express.com).
  • Dmitrii Tuchs
    Program committee
    Track: QA
    Head of QA at Dodo Brands. 14 years in IT as a Java developer, analyst, project & team manager. Mentor, active speaker and teacher.

  • Eugenia Zigisova
    Program committee
    Track: Frontend
    Eugenia is a frontend engineer passionate about web performance and accessibility. She is an event organizer at Google Developer Group Berlin—an independent community of tech enthusiasts. Currently, she works as a frontend lead at Limehome, a digital-first hotel startup.
  • Alexander Kostin
    Program committee
    Track: QA
    Software Engineering Manager at Wrike. 15 years in QA, now moved to Engineering Management. Helping manual QA to start with automation. Based in Prague.
  • Evgeny Smirnov
    Program committee
    Track: Backend, DevOps
    As an entrepreneur and scholar, Evgeny combines expertise in IT, mathematics, and psychology. Founder of Startup Launcher, explore opportunities in FinTech, AI/ML, and HealthTech.
  • Alex Korzhikov
    Program committee
    Track: Backend, DevOps
    Instructor, Mentor based in Netherlands. Alex enjoys exploring technologies, coding open source and enterprise projects, teaching, speaking and writing about programming - JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, JSON Schema, DevOps, Web Components, Algorithms

  • Vera Sycheva
    Event Planner
    Venue, contractors, and the second one million to-dos around the EpicHey!
  • Andrey Kitsen
    Brand designer, art-director
    EpicHey! brand identity. Awesome.
  • Artem Bogoslovskii
    Digital producer
    EpicHey! website functionality.
  • Elena Mogilnikova
    EpicHey! Event manager
    Infrastructure, services, partners, and the first million to-dos around the EpicHey!
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